A Brand New
"Swing Thing"...

All Play Brings It "Big And Loud" For Anointed Faith

All Aboard For Noble Park In Texas City

But Wait! There's More! A Double Play In Texas City!

Lights, Camera,

A Brand New "Swing
Thing" From Little Tikes
And All Play!
The latest and greatest from All Play's premier playground partner lets parents and kids "get in the swing", together! The NEW Generation Swing from Little Tikes, puts smaller children and their parents (or "supervisory" play partners) in a face to face configuration that maximizes fun and keeps a watchful eye on the youngster in the "side car". Very, very cool. Wonder which park in these parts will be the first to have one? We'll keep you posted.
Click the image above to see the Generation Swing in action!

All Play Brings It "Big
And Loud" For Anointed Faith Family Church
Because that's exactly what Brenda Rogers of Anointed Faith Family Church in Tomball, Texas asked for! All Play's David Seago met that request with a Kid Builder unit from Little Tikes, covered by a USA Shade structure, surrounded by Durably pour in place rubber. Here's what Ms. Rogers
Click the image above to see the video!
had to say, in her own words. "I would not hesitate to refer All Play to anyone, the professionalism and quick response is much more than I received from the other companies I contacted." 

Wow! Thanks for letting All Play "cover your world".
"I would not hesitate to
refer All Play to anyone..."
~ Brenda Rogers, Anointed Faith Family Church 
All Aboard For Noble Park In Texas City!
One look at this clever addition to Noble Park and you'll see that Texas City Parks Superintendent Byron Sefcik and his team are changing the recreational landscape for families and children down I-45 South.
This all-in-one salute to Casey Jones, Thomas, and the Little Engine That Could was one of two parks completed by All Play in the last 30 days for our friends in Texas City. This layout includes a swing set and Kiddie Cushion fall surfacing and
Click the image above to see the video!
earned a perfect score for All Play's Mike Feidler on Byron's post project survey. Thanks Byron!

But Wait! There's
More! A Double-Play
In Texas City! 
Think you've had a busy year? Texas City Parks Superintendent Byron Sefcik is setting the pace for an amazing 2016-and he's found an ally in All Play's Mike Feidler. So, we're tagging this SECOND Texas City project in our newsletter (also completed this month), along with the one we described above. Texas City's Godard Park is surrounded by baseball and softball diamonds, so this sports-themed Kid Builder structure made perfect sense. To feel the excitement of our "double header" this month in Texas City, watch these two videos back to back. We think it's a home run, and so does Byron who said he was "very satisfied from order to completion."
Have you noticed we've added some video to our newsletter? We think it tells an even greater story than pictures, and we hope you're enjoying watching and passing these "shorts" along to others.
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